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December 4, 2019:
Thanks for helping our children's Christmas performance. Your idea to add multi-level decks onto, and off of, our church's stage was the perfect solution!"


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If you're not really sure exactly what you need, call or send us an email! Tell us what you're doing, what will be on the stage, and how big your audience is!


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Sound System Rentals in Memphis, Audio System Rentals If you're looking for production to go with your audio, you may need a stage, lights, power, and personnel to run it all. Perhaps you even need other Party Rental Services items like tents, tables, chairs, etc. We can do all of that. One stop and you're done.

So, don't worry, we can manage ALL of those services for you, and tie it all up in a nice neat production package to help save money and fit into your budget! NO OTHER Memphis Agency can provide those services from their own IN-HOUSE inventory! So, you don't have to pay multiple delivery fees, multiple labor fees, and the OVERRIDE/COMMISSION fees that they're going to charge you for making the arrangements. We Do It ALL...from OUR OWN INVENTORY. Ask them if they can do that! The answer is "NO."

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All they can really do is call a third party vendor to see what's available, mark up that price to you, and then hope all goes well; Or they can rent whatever's available from the local music store and try to make that work, but the bottom line is that THEY CAN'T GUARANTEE ANYTHING.

Professional Audio System Rental, Sound System RentalThat's why we've exclusively partnered with local professionals in order to satisfy your production needs. Professionals who own - and maintain - their own equipment, and - like us - they know how to operate it. Professionals who not only provide production services, but who also PRODUCE events ranging from weddings to national concert tours, charities, rooftop parties, block parties, corporate events, church services, Memphis Redbirds concerts, Official Kentucky Derby events, and even sound for the President...well, four Presidents to be exact. We're now sharing office and warehouse space, so your event is all organized and managed on the same site, by the same team!